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Lyrical Thoughts

"What the heck are these guys doing?" you ask yourself as you browse our strange archive of some depressing yet some lovesick song web site on the the world wide web. Well, we have the answer. Expression. Music is our form of praise and worship to God. We all use our talents in that respect. Some of our songs are specifically about God and directly praising Him, but some are just about everyday life and situations that people have been in, are in, or will be in sometime in their life. This is the simple explaination of the band and an explanation, of this, explainful part of the site.

"Her Eyes Laugh"

"I wrote this song one night during the summer. Ariel and I had spent more than the majority of the summer together so it came to be that one of us would stay at the other's house until it was time to go home or it was getting late. On this certain night, Ariel left early and I(though this got me in a lot of trouble later) wanted her to stay for a few more minutes only to be with her. Sort of one of those "No you hang up" "No you hang up" type situations. After she left I sat down with my guitar and began to write this song. Although I was in a love spell, I wrote sappy yet heartfelt lyrics about her. And yes, the reference to the moon is from Myles himself. The title came from when she once told me my eyes smile, no, they laugh. That made me realize they laugh because hers do. Giggle if you choose but this song is one of my favorites because it almost comes close to expressing my feelings for this person."

"To the Chief Musician"

Psalm 139
God knows all. This is about how God knows everything we do. He knows before, during and after. Only God can know these things thus showing His awesome power and giving Him ultimate glory. Thank the Lord that He knows our hearts and leads us in His way.

"Well, I could talk all day on what my songs mean because each one of them is expressing so many different emotions. I am only going to expound on a few, however, for lack of time or privacy one. One thing I have found is that songs do not have ONE single meaning. What I say my songs mean may be different from what someone takes them to mean. Lyrics and poetry are always in a state of transition and can mean whatever the reader wants them to, that is why they are a constant form of expression."


For Hopeless Romantics and Dreamers

~This song is exaclty like the title, for hopeless romantics and dreamers. I wrote a poem about a picture of little girls playing dress up in lace and bridal gowns and things. They looked so happy and I thought, "Wow, these
innocent little girls are going to grow up and find out life and love is not a fairy tale." The poem morphed into this song. People cling to their romanticized view of love and think that Prince Charming will come and whisk them off, but that doesnt always happen. I guess this song is a way for me to deal with my own idealistic views and romanticism.


~This is my favorite song I have written. It is another song about innocence lost. The persona seems old and regretful, and is looking back on life giving his advice. He comes to terms with his regrets and wishes he hadn't
been so uptight and realistic about everything. It is just saying that people shouldn't be so worried about what society says and just go out and live. We all make mistakes and have regrets, but we can all use a little more idealism in our thoughts.

Walk with God

~This is a song about the glory and grace showered upon us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are all wretched and broken before God, undeserving of anything, but in his sovereignty and mercy, he gives us grace. Through His Son our sins are forgiven, not by anything we do, but by His will alone. Apart from His glorious grace we are sinners doomed for an eternity. This is a song praising Him for all he has done. We could not be more undeserving of His grace, but He comes and pulls us out of our sin when we are still blind to Him. What an awesome God we serve.


~This song is fairly self-explanatory. It is simply about superficiality and accpetance.

Just Dave and I

~This song is about finding yourself. At one time or another, everyone must find themselves. This was my way of finding myself. And no, Dave is not a real person, he is simply a figment of my imagination. He isnt an imaginary friend either (I'm not crazy, although that point could be argued). He is simply an apparition, someone to tell me who I am. He kept me company on my own journey of self-discovery. As I found more and more of myself, I discovered my priorities were backwards. Superficiality will not fill you up as I thought it would. It will make you more and more spiritually hungry. The clothes one wears or the friends they have or the grades they make do not make them any more or less of a person. We are made for the purpose of glorifying God, and in that we find our satisfaction.