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words and music by John Belk

Vrs 1 If I wished upoun a star
You know it wouldn't go too far
Even the stars are superficial
Pretty where they are
Feel like Dylan without a guitar
Like a dog without a bone
Beauty's leaving, Love is singing,
Looks deceiving me alone
If I looked like him
If I dressed like her
I would have more friends
I'd be happy for sure
If I changed my hair
Maybe she will stay
Goodbye I don't care
I kind of like it this way

Chrs 1 No I'm not
Pretty like you so sue me
No I'm not
Pretty like you we all wanna be
No I'm not
Pretty like you so shun me
No I'm not
Pretty like you but I'm happy

Vrs 2 Every morning when I wake up
I comb my ugly hair
Every one wants to be pretty
But lie like they don't care
Every morning when I wake up
To my ugly clock
Put on my ugly shirt,
My ugly shoes, my ugly socks
If I looked like him
If I dressed like her
I would have more friends
I'd be happy for sure
If I had changed my hair
Maybe she wouldn't have gone
But I still don't care
Wave bye, so long

Chrs 2 No I'm not
Pretty like you but I should be
No I'm not
Pretty like you and it kills me
No I'm not
Pretty like you exclude me
No I'm not
Pretty like you I don't wanna be

The Love of One Obscure
words and music by John Belk

It takes a lot of life these days
To die and drift away
Staring off around to April
And see it turn to May
You know there's something about April
Eliot conspires:
Brings forth lilacs from the dead land
Mix memory with desire

And if I knew Jude Fawley
I'm sure that he could list
The ghosts of Christminster that tell him
That love does not exist
And I hear in Arizona
Angels can not lie
But I guess I'll never go there
Cause angels make me cry

Shakespeare's sitting at a table
Pondering the rain
Feeling somewhat disenchanted
Isolated and complaining
He is whining bout his romance
But I can sympathize
Cause when I whine about my romance
The angles make me cry

Walk With God
words and music by John Belk, Brad Davis, and Michael Stephens

Vrs 1 When we walk with God
Humbled by our shame
To be with Him is all
All we have to gain
If we live our lives to Him
All will be but loss
Nothing can compare
To the mercy of the Cross

Chrs So what God has done
To change the world through us
We, unfinished portraits
Of what he is in us

Vrs 2 We are still wandering
Around this earth of sin
But always in His presence
The Living God within
His Hand is gently guiding
As he shows us the way
The life he gives
The peace we see
His sovereignty displayed

Vrs 3 Ever perfect God of Wonders
Lover of my soul
A wretch for lack
Of worse a word
Whose lips cleansed by a coal
Shall sing of grace
And love unending
Showered on the worst
Of fools who'd make a wretched choice
If grace had not worked first
For Hopeless Romantics and Dreamers
words and music by John Belk

So you say I'm a little disillusioned
I say I'm just fed up
You say you'll leave just to be normal
To all those like you best of luck
This world was not meant
For hopeless romantics and dreamers
That live in a fantasy
Of white lace
And flowers and
Looking for true love
But knowing it's too dim to see it
And searching with matches
Because lamps light too much of the room

Give up on a world that gave up on you
And give up on me
Give up on the life you found to live
And give up on the one that you cannot see

Dreaming sweet dreams of
Fairy tale lives with
Prince Charming
Riding white horses from
Fanciful prince-frogs
And such
And dining with dwarves
In cottages, castles, and hamlets
They're loved too little
But they're doomed to love too much

They leave their dream world
On a cloud of age and emotion
Guiding the reins
Not knowing what they've left
The real world is too harsh
For the hopeless romantics and dreamers
The glass slipper they hoped for
Turns out as a shoe with no

words and music by John Belk

Vrs 1. I know that it's over
I'm glad it all worked out
I couldnt live without you
Twisted, broken doubt
I'm sorry if I hurt you
Maimed your perfect wings
And somewhere tragic lovesongs play
Trumpets sound and church bells ring

With broken wings you cannot fly
But, I cant convince you not to try
That is why I fell in love
And lost it all

Chrs 1 So if I sit here waiting
Will you help me down
Maybe we can fall together
And find some hope we never found
The truth is your an angel
With broken wings that take the air
The stars will twinkle out and fade
Memorial to all we shared

Vrs 2 So after all the years have passed
The tortoise and the hare
Will you still remember
How much we really cared
And if love is non-existent
Then just before we die

We'll hate ourselves for all the waste
Teardrops burning down our face
Reminding us we still can fall
And lose it all

Chrs 2 So if I sit here waiting
Will you help me down
The king is dead, the court left speechless
Surprised to find the joker crowned
Angels have their halos
Golden flowing hair
The stars hang above their place
Memorial to all we shared
Her Eyes Laugh
words and music by Michael Stephens

Vrs 1. Thou art the moon,
And I saw the stars tonight,
I saw the stars shinning in your eyes
And I want to stay,
Stay here forever
And I cant live without you
And I, I want to stay
I want to wake up every morning with you

PrChrs 1. And I, I cry on your shoulder
and I say,
Will you live with me
for all of our days?
It's beginning to rain
So why don't you come inside
For a little while, just come inside
Why don't you stay

Chrs. I want to stay
I want to stay
Why don't you just stay

Vrs 2. And I can't hold you tight enough
I want to see your face
I want you to be here everyday
And I'm so in love
And I write my heart down in a notebook
Just so I can say

PrChrs 2.A sunny day in London
Couldn't compare the way
You stayed here all this time and
You took away the grey

To the Chief Musician
words and music by Brad Davis and Michael Stephens

Vrs 1. O Lord, You've searched me and known me,
You know my sitting down and when I rise,
You understand my thoughts afar off,
And You know all of my ways.

Chrs 1. Search me, O God, and know my heart,
Try me, and know my anxieties.

Vrs 2. Where can I go from Your Spirit?
Where can I flee from Your presence?
And if I take the wings of the morning,
Then You right hand shall lead me.

Chrs 2. Search me, O God, and know my heart,
Try me, and know my anxieties,
See if there is any wicked way in me,
And lead me in the way everlasting.

words and music by John Belk

Vrs 1. Sincerity of fools is earnest
Dancing in the fiery furnace
Buy my book, I'll tell you all you know
Left a light on in the kitchen
And I wish that I was wishing
For a new life in the snow
And I wish I knew an angel
So I could wave good-bye to her
And watch her float away
I can't hold on to what is sound
But I'm losing things I never found
Each and every day

Chrs. So sing and dance
Don't lose your second chance
Most are never even given a first one
So trip and fall
Don't be scared to lose it all
The losers only lose when it's all done

Vrs 2. I wish that I could tilt at windmills
And run barefoot through sprinklers
On a hot summer day
But I left a light on in the kitchen
And I'm still wishing I was wishing
For a new life far away
And at one time I knew an angel
But I waved good-bye to her
And watched her float away
I guess I cant hold on forever
To a life that's just a fading blur
But my hope's where I lay

Brdg. Watch the grass grow in the yard
Watch a wish fall from a star
Watch the tree house in the back
And point out all the things I lack
Watch the sun come into sight
Everything will be all right
Watch me run into tomorrow
Dwelling on tonight

In Memory of Forgetting
words and music by John Belk

Vrs 1. If I could, I would
Turn back time
Before regret
Caused life to die
Seems we're all artists
Who are colorblind
Painting our sorrows
In black and white
Just when I think
That we have nothing left
I dont think at all
And you come flooding back
And the ghosts in the memories
Are telling me lies
You know there's something 'bout a memory
That tears me up inside

Chrs. Just to see you laugh
Hear it in my ears
Reminds me where I am
Reminds me your not here
Just to see you cry
Turn the night to day
But then I see you smile
Know I can't take that away

Vrs 2. If I could, I would
Turn back time
Before the fights
Before the lines
When you still smiled
With a passion in your eyes
That I dowsed with water
And smothered 'til it died
When words can fail
And often do
Expressions lost
I turned to you
In blinding emotion
Fumbling for speech
Wrong terms abound
With right ones out of reach

Just to see you smile
I'd give anything
Another Heartsick Lovesong
words and music by John Belk

Here's to all those
Who are dreaming tonight
Happy with their sorrow
And happy with their lives
Here's to all those
Who are dreaming sweet dreams
Burning through their ghosts
And ripping out their seams
You can be my Rosalind
I will find my Juliet
Stomp my heart out once again
I will have no regrets

Sing a song about the rain beneath the
The lonely points between the drops that
hide the sounds
Of hearts that break
Souls that ache
And I
Begin to feel
Cupid kills

Laying at home
Staring at the wall
Thinking about thoughts
I've never thought at all
Laying in bed
Trying to dream
Burning through the ghosts
And ripping out the seams
Hearts are breaking too quickly
Hurts mending too slow
I wore my pride as a fixture
a fixture of my clothes


Dave and I
words and music by John Belk

Vrs 1 Just Dave and I
Look a little bit to the sky
To Find the things that we can't find
in a million years
Just Dave and I
Look a little inside our minds
It's the simple things that we can't find
that give us all our fears
Sit engrossed in static scenes
Or floating off in broken dreams
Self-destruction's always
a little harder than it seems
So when Dave and I
Decide it's time to cry
And get our slice of empty pie
the crust just leaves us parched

Chrs Told Dave
To leave a trail of breadcrumbs where we came
Cause getting lost and losing aren't the same
Told Dave
To find himself before he looked for me
My world is spinning off beyond belief

Vrs 2 Never found what we've been looking for
Never learned the reasons we want more
Never saw that being sane could make you crazy
Working hard will make you lazy
And every good man falters in the end
Cause Dave and I
Agreed that we could fly
If I was told how far I'd go
I'd never leave the ground
Tell Dave and I
That we all fade and die
And he'll tell you we're losing something
most have never found

These Days
words and music by John Belk

Vrs 1 These days are drawn in crayon
But careless boys leave them out in the sun
And wax can't hold up a pair of feathered wings
So what makes you think that it can save a world
These days of dreary dance halls
Weary waltzes and ten-piece bands
Boy, be careful; dont fall from your horizon
Your shallow promise-line in the sand

Prechrs Looking out my window at the house across the street
You know those gingerbread walls are looking nice
I'm throwing rocks in hopes they'll break and I wont bend and I know
My Sleeping Beauty's locked somewhere inside

Chrs So if I wrote a song
Proclaiming all the words
That everybody sees their own shame in
Or if I lost another angel
In the cracks and knots of my life
Could I be forgiven
If I sang like a sparrow
Cried like a baby
Loved like toddler
If my heart wasnt bleeding
Bleeding upon me
Maybe everyone else could love me

Vrs 2 These days are carved in marble
Smooth obsidian, crafted in hands of time
You think that stone wont ever reach it's death grounds
It just has a longer wait in line
These days of lightened ballrooms
Cinderella dancing to ten-piece bands
But it's twelve now, I'm falling from my horizon
My empty-promise line in the sand


words and music by Michael Stephens

Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am weak
Oh, heal me, for my bones are dying
And my soul is wearing down

Return, O Lord, deliver me, deliver me
For mercies sake

I'm tired of moaning
All night i make my bed swim
With the tears that I did cry
My eyes waste away
My eyes waste away
Cause of all my grief

Return, O Lord, deliver me, deliver me
For mercies sake

Take me from the shackles of sin
And put me in Your arms again