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I'm the guy with the Byrd recruit cut. I love guitar and blues harp. Music is my favorite thing. Whoever thought it up, infinite props to you my friend. Yes it's true. I have a ballerina now. The moon has come out and its shinin' bright. Wasn't too hard to find. I enjoy jumping off rocks with Adam, but only in my baby-sized Texas Rangers shirt. I also think if your vehicle was made by a clothing line, then Sunsweet Prune juice must have something to do with it. Yes, eventually Yoda will own the Svedish Beast, but until my herd of pigs grow wings, we'll just call it borrowing. I think our fame has preceded us. But on my serious side, I'm glad God has blessed me with these guys. They are a real encouragement. I want all I do to be to God's glory. If God is on my side, who can be against me?